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Darryl Ellis Investigations is a licensed Private Investigative Agency. The agencies focal point is asset location and recovery. We employ only highly skilled private investigators, information specialists, and data analysts. We utilize the latest techniques, and have secured access to databases that utilize the newest technologies available. We can identify, track and locate information that will yield proven results.

We are diligently committed to providing strength through information resulting in the advantage of being well informed, confidently positioned and thoroughly prepared with relevant facts and dependable interpretations. Darryl Ellis Investigations is driven to provide our clientele with the most gratifying experience possible through our core values:

Communication: Communication is the key to the success of a relationship of any nature. Clients are continually updated at to the status of their claim.

Ethics: We hold ourselves to the most demanding code of ethics in all we do.

Professionalism: Darryl Ellis Investigations is comprised of a team of seasoned professionals

Results: We are a results driven agency. We pride ourselves on producing consistent results..

Agency Adage: The difficult we do immediately, the impossible may take longer.

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Darryl Ellis Investigations
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Florida License: A2500374