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Currently, there are dormant asset accounts valued at well in excess of $1 billion, mostly from dormant accounts in financial institutions, insurance and utility companies, securities and trust holdings.

Identify dormant assets and accounts belonging to corporations, individuals and heirs.

Locate the rightful owners and potential heirs of these assets.

Notify the owners and potential heirs of the identified assets. Once addresses are confirmed for corporations, named beneficiaries to estates, insurance policy proceeds, individuals named in trusts for Attorneys, Financial Institutions, and other clients.

Perform the necessary research to determine, locate, and assist in establishing the legal beneficiaries and making a successful claim on their behalf

Research and investigation of public records and proprietary databases. Thorough research is crucial to a successful claim.

Our firm uses the absolute best data available to locate property owners of abandoned property and dormant assets. We have unique sources that give us the ability to locate relatives and/or associates. There is absolutely zero out-of-pocket cost to our clients. Agency fees for processing your claim is deducted from the recovered funds at the time the funds are released from the holder. We will never ask you for money nor will we send you a bill for services rendered.

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