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How could I have dormant assets or property and where did these come from?

* The reality is that dormant assets and property often belong to individuals who have passed away. Situations that arise in life including: death, divorce, relocation, job loss and business hardships are common reasons assets become dormant and ultimately “lost”.

* It's possible that a relative had investments such as securities, stocks, bonds and, insurance policies, or bank accounts that you personally had no knowledge of. Often, personal matters can easily fall by the wayside during a time of stress such as the loss of a family member.

What's the catch?
There is no catch or gimmick. This is not a scam. We are a fully licensed Private Investigative Agency. All costs incurred by us in locating assets along with administrative, miscellaneous and legal fees, as needed, are borne by us. We are paid a small percentage of the total recovered asset amount.

What is this going to cost me? The fee for our services is determined based on numerous factors. The recovery process can prove to be extremely complex. There are factors to consider such as: the existence of a Will; the completion of Probate; the total number of beneficiaries identified; along with the amount of the investigative time expended. Our fees are charged on a contingency basis. That means no out of pocket expenses to our client.

What is the next step?
Your will simply review, complete, and return documents. There are no long nor complex documents for you to complete and the process takes no more than 15 minutes of your time. Once completed documents are received, our agency will do the legwork and will handle investigatory research. When required, we will assist in all probate matters.

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