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Have you received a notification?

If we've sent you a notification, it's because we've identified assets that you may have an entitlement to. Every year we identify millions of dollars in unclaimed or abandoned assets due to corporations and individuals alike who have previously never received notice. Some of the more common reasons as to why individuals have not received any previous notice may be due to a relocation or the passing of an individual to whom the assets were originally owed to. The holders do make a documented attempt to notify the respective owner of the assets. However, this is where it ends.

The process is streamlined and now that we have located you, the process could not be any easier. Once you contact us, we will forward the appropriate documentation to you. There is minimal “work” involved on your behalf. You'll simply fill in the requested information and supply us with a copy of your valid driver's license or government issued identification such as your passport. We do the rest. You can anticipate that you will receive your funds within approximately 90 business days. Contact us today to initiate the recovery process.

What is the next step?

Your efforts will simply require you to review, complete, and return documents. There are no long nor complex documents for you to complete and the process takes no more than 15 minutes of your time. Once completed documents are received, our agency will do the legwork and will handle investigatory research. When required, we will assist in all probate matters.

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